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E-MAX crowns are all-ceramic, metal-free, highly durable and they blend in with all the other teeth. Used in nearly every type of dental restoration, E-MAX crowns offer 360 MPa flexural strength. Patients will not only be satisfied with the toughness of the material, but also the appearance. A single consistent layering process allows for predictable shade results. With E-MAX crowns, clients receive personalized and natural-looking restorations, even in the most complex of cases. You can expect crowns tailored to each smile that will last for many years to come. To find out more about the E-MAX crown restoration:


Zirconia crowns are strong, long-lasting and biocompatible, meaning they’re less likely to trigger an immunological response such as inflammation. In fact, zirconium oxide from which the crown is made is one of the toughest and most biocompatible ceramic materials. After being shaped with CAD/CAM technology, the crown is fitted, achieving a beautiful and natural-looking pearlessence to every smile. In the restoration process, Nu Smile works to block the darker stump shade, which causes contrast with the rest of the tooth.

Full Zirconia:

Full Zirconia is a full-contour restoration without the porcelain overlay. It’s an affordable, attractive alternative to a full-cast metal restoration. Additionally, it’s strong, durable and yields a perfect marginal fit. Monolithic and without layering, full zirconia crowns are chip-resistant and ideal for those who clench or grind their teeth, called bruxers. It can be an ideal option for PFM metal occlusal or full-cast crowns.

Multi-Layered Zirconia:

Multi-layered zirconia imitates the shade gradient found in natural teeth. If you observe your teeth, you can see that they’re not all one shade and that they often has more chroma closer to the gums. The multi-layered approach aims for this natural aesthetic.

Super Translucent Zirconia:

Super translucent zirconia is meant to substitute the opaque, less natural-looking alternative. Translucent zirconia is a newer option, meant to deliver attractive, high-quality results.


Implants are one of the fastest-growing procedures in dentistry today. They’re considered the optimum form of tooth replacement. They offer several advantages. Among them: improved appearance, the preservation of natural surrounding teeth and a reliable permanent solution to tooth loss or decay. Nu Smile will help every step of the way from planning to creation.


The Encode healing abutment simplifies the implant impression technique. The abutments have markings or codes that make it possible to use them in place of a scan body or impression coping. In the implant process, they help save time and preserve the tissue.

Screw Retained:

Screw-retained restorations are designed to be screwed onto the implant or onto an abutment. They’re easy to access if they become worn out or damaged — all someone would have to do is remove the screw for a replacement, cleaning or repair.

Custom Abutment with Cementable Implant Crown:

Cemented implants are made on top of custom abutment(Either Titanium or Zirconia) and hiding screw access to achieve maximum esthetics.
cementable implant

Diagnostic Wax-Up

A diagnostic wax-up is step one in the cosmetic restoration process. It’s a must-do for any smile makeover because it will give the patient, as well as the dentist and lab technician, a good sense of what the final result will look like. The diagnostic wax-up facilitates communication between all parties and helps dentists determine what patients can realistically achieve through restoration. All diagnostic wax-ups come with a temporary stent, new bite and reduction stent to make temporary crowns. These temporary crowns are then used as a guide to aid in the restoration procedure.
3d printed hard night guard

3D Printed Hard Night Guard

3D printed mouthguards fit over the teeth and are easily removable. They’re given to patients who regularly clench or grind their teeth. They help protect the teeth during the night by keeping them separated. The team at Nu Smile Studio will provide a guard customized to each person’s teeth and come up with a plan to best address everyone’s needs. When someone starts using the mouthguard, they may experience some discomfort, but that will wear off once they get used to it.

Gold Crown

Gold crowns have been used in dentistry for thousands of years. Nowadays gold is often combined with other materials, such as palladium, nickel or chromium to increase the strength of the crown and lower the cost. While gold crowns are, unsurprisingly conspicuous and the least natural restorative option, they are very durable and can last several decades.