Nu Smile Dental Lab

Nu Smile Dental Studio, LLC

Nu Smile Dental Studio prides itself on providing dentists with premium dental restorations. Coming to us can reduce chair time and streamline your services, all with uncompromised standards and reasonable prices. What could be better?

New Products and Techniques

Located in Centreville Virginia, Nu Smile offers only the very best in products and services. All dental materials are inspected carefully for quality control and clinicians use state-of-the-art technology in line with current technological advances. Nu Smile accepting both analog and digital impressions.

Many dental labs are stuck in their old ways, avoiding the hassle of having to update their techniques or switch out their equipment. But Nu Smile is committed to making sure they have the latest in techniques and materials.

Clients are consistently wowed when they are offered the best and most reliable dental products, all of which can cut chair time, and at reasonable prices. You will also be pleased to hear that customers can earn more refferals from their patients who received premium dental restoration made by Nu Smile.

A New Look

Among the extensive list of products and services, you’ll find implants, diagnostic wax-up,zirconia, e-max, and full cast restoration. Nu Smile is your one-stop studio for fixed dental restoration. Clients tend to leave the studio satisfied, knowing they’ll be able to give their patients a whiter and brighter smile.

3d printed hard night guard

A New Perspective

The Nu Smile Dental Lab staff adheres to the highest levels of professionalism and integrity when dealing with dentists and their staffs.

Let’s face it: going to the dentist isn’t always a walk in the park. Patients can experience long wait times, discomfort or excessively high costs. Nu Smile ensures that their experience with your practice is as comfortable, time-saving and beneficial as possible.

You’ll not only go home with the tools needed to create new and improved smiles, but a whole new outlook on how dental services can deliver excellent quality with reduced chair time.